Developing Originality

illustration by Anik Pujiati

Originality is very important

Originality is important, because originality build characteristics of a designer.

Most beginners have quite a lot of barriers and limitations on how to create original fashion sketch.

It should be remembered, do not worry about it. expertise to create their own originality will come naturally after acquiring a thorough basis, often doing the exercises and practice. Much will be learned about the figure by blocking in a pose from another artist sketch '. For example, take the pamphlet authentic pattern. Use poses a number for your sketches and other clothing (preferably a different pose). These changes pose and the dress is a very good exercise for the amateur.

No matter if beginner use the characters in the clippings file them as suggestions for poses. However, a sketch artist may not copy others or pose exactly. If he used the sketch for the suggestion, he had to change some parts of the pose. If the models in the clippings have both hands on hips, place one hand on his hat or down at his side, or turn your head to your sketch.

Photos provide another way to develop originality and highly recommended for the idea of ​​the picture. Almost all fashion magazine presents the picture dressed and attractive woman. Practicing copy them, remember to change the picture for the proportion of fashion.